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Dental patients often require very specialized medications based on their dentist’s recommendations. Because these are not the most common orders, traditional pharmacies will usually only carry a few medications that will suit the requests of a dentist. Compounding pharmacies offer a much wider array of options for dental patients, whether it be the unique selection of drugs or the ability to optimize the dosage form based on the issue.

Topical Therapy:
Due to its density of mucous membranes and exposure to food, the mouth is a complex area that can be at high risk for pain and infection. If these symptoms are localized, the best approach would be to use a topical medication for local delivery, rather than a systemic product. Whether a product needs to numb pain in the mouth or fight off an infection, a compounded topical therapy can be the optimal choice.

Therapy for TMJ:
Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction, or TMJ, is a type of pain in the jaw that can negatively affect a patient’s ability to eat and speak, reducing their quality of life overall. In order to avoid side effects associated with oral medications for TMJ, a compounded topical medication should be considered.

Mouthwashes are a convenient and effective way to deliver different medications to the area of a patient’s dental issues. Problems with standard mouthwashes can arise if they contain preservatives or sweeteners that the patient cannot receive. Choosing to compound a mouthwash not only gives the dentist full control over these aspects, but also allows for the formulation of a customized mixture of drugs fitted to the patient’s needs.