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Patient Notice: Since all compounded medications are unique, please note that they may take up to a week to prepare.

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Wound Care


Proper wound care is easy to overlook, but can make all the difference to a patient’s recovery when not handled correctly. Care for a wound will not only prevent it from causing further local irritations, but will also prevent the possibility of systemic inflammatory conditions or infections. Compounding allows for the medication to be formulated in the most optimal way based on the wound. Proper active and inactive ingredients make a large difference when it comes to the process of healing a wound.

Promoting the healing of wounds is a complicated process that requires an understanding of the conditions at the wound site. Management of the wound comes down to multiple sensitive factors such as moisture level, amount of fresh air exposure, how tightly the medication is held to the wound, and how often the wound is cleaned. In order to best maintain this balance of properties, the product prescribed should be made specifically for the patient.