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Patient Notice: Since all compounded medications are unique, please note that they may take up to a week to prepare.

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Weight Loss
Compounded options for weight loss are commonly prescribed – from lower doses or delayed-release phentermine capsules, to injections. These medications are only used under the supervision of a physician and in combination with a reduced calorie diet. Often doctors will also prescribe B Vitamin injection shots or Lipotropic injections along with weight loss medications to help the body clear fat and improve energy levels.

Problems with the GI tract can be frequent issues that patients need relief from. Whether these are related to cancers, inflammatory bowel diseases, or even caused by other therapies, these are sensitive subjects that needed to be approached differently for different patients. Compounded medications can be personalized to fit a patient’s symptoms and preferences, with multiple dosage forms and benefits like easy application or fast relief.

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia
Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are both complex issues that can drastically reduce a patient’s quality of life. Medications used to treat these conditions are varied, and can sometimes be in an inappropriate dosage forms for the intended use. These fields are also constantly changing as new research shows that both new and old drugs might be of some benefit. Compounded prescriptions are able to provide appropriate active ingredients in convenient dosage forms in order to provide the best therapy for the patient.

Many different diseases can be traced back to some sort of immune reaction. Often these can be the body mounting an immune response to itself, also known as autoimmunity. In order to treat most autoimmune conditions, a medication needs to dampen the patient’s immune system enough to avoid the initial problem, but not enough to leave them vulnerable to infections. This makes compounded autoimmune medications ideal because the exact drug and dose required can be efficiently delivered, giving the patient the relief they need.

Diabetes is a very common disease that can cause multiple systemic problems for a patient if not properly treated. There are many medications used to treat diabetes, each with their own benefits and draw-backs. Compounding diabetes medications can optimize both the delivery of the medication and the overall control of a patient’s blood sugar.

Otolaryngology is the study of the ear, nose, and throat. These areas contain many mucous membranes, and can be prime targets for inflammation and infections. Many commercially available products involved in otolaryngology come with harsh side effects associated with their dosage forms. Choosing to compound these medications can help bypass these side effects by choosing more appropriate dosage forms and drugs to fit the patient.