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Patient Notice: Since all compounded medications are unique, please note that they may take up to a week to prepare.

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Hormone Therapy for Men

Testosterone deficiency is an extremely common issue among men of all ages, with approximately 1 in every 200 men experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. These symptoms include weakness, fatigue, reduced libido, osteoporosis, depressed mood, loss of energy, erectile dysfunction, aches, and pains. It is generally recommended that testosterone replacement is started when total testosterone levels fall below 300 ng/dL and the patient has symptoms of hypogonadism.

Due to its many benefits, testosterone can be used to achieve multiple goals depending on the patient. These can include increased mood and well being, improvements with erectile dysfunction, increased libido, increased muscle mass, increased strength, and increased bone mass.

Testosterone can be compounded in many forms and strengths as needed to fit the patient. The most common route of administration is by intramuscular injection, but testosterone can also be compounded as a cream, gel, or lotion for topical application or a lozenge or troche for sublingual administration.

Oftentimes, concurrent medications are prescribed along with testosterone to treat some of the unwanted effects associated with testosterone therapy, such as testicular atrophy and increased estrogen production.

Erectile Dysfunction:
Medications to treat erectile dysfunction can be compounded into a troche or lozenge for sublingual administration, which reduces the dose required for the medication to be effective and the time required for it to begin working. Injectable penile injections known as “Tri-Mix shots” for erectile dysfunction are also routinely compounded for patients that need this route of administration.